Small cracks will spread into large cracks!
The damage must be repaired as soon as possible!

Taking immediate action is crucial when it comes to repairing damage on your vehicle's glass. Small cracks have the potential to spread rapidly and compromise the structural integrity of the glass. By promptly addressing the damage, you can prevent further deterioration and ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers. Don't delay - prioritize the repair of small cracks to maintain the overall strength and functionality of your vehicle's glass.

How Does NanoClearX  Work?

● When the nanoparticles in NanoClearX are applied to a glass surface, the proportion of atoms on the surface increases dramatically, resulting in rapid nanoremediation of the glass surface.

● This creates a quantum size effect,where the atoms on the surface seem to go into a "boiling"state. At the end of the "boiling process,they slowly oxidize, creating an extremely thin and dense oxide layer with a hardness comparable even to that of diamond.

How makes NanoClearX  a Must Buy Product?

Advanced Nanotechnology: NanoClearX uses cutting-edge nanotechnology for precise, atomic-level repairs. Its advanced formula penetrates the glass surface, ensuring flawless and long-lasting results.

Time and Cost Savings: Say goodbye to inconvenient appointments and lengthy waits for auto glass repairs. With NanoClearX, you can easily and quickly repair your glass at home, saving time and money.

Versatile Application: NanoClearX is compatible with various types of glass, including automotive and even iPhone screens. Whether it's small chips or longer cracks, NanoClearX can effectively repair different types of damage.

NanoClearX: Simplified Auto Glass Repair for Confidence and Convenience

● Say goodbye to vision-obscuring cracks with NanoClearX. No more expensive repairs or inconvenient appointments.

● With NanoClearX, you can even make the process a fun activity, completing the repair with your little grandson right in your own garage.

● Experience the joy of seamless auto glass repair with NanoClearX, saving you time and money while ensuring a flawless windshield.

There is limited availability and this 70% DISCOUNT may be taken down at any moment!


Clean The Glass Surface To Remove Dirt And Impurities.

Apply NanoClearX Repair Compound Evenly To The Damaged Area.

Place The Curing Film Over The Break And Wait 3-5 Minutes.

Remove The Film And Use A Razor To Remove Excess Liquid.

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You can use it for phone screens! Saw this trick about a year ago and it works! Makes the cracks like 90% less visible


The kit did the job. Take your time. Don’t get frustrated with the steps to align over the chip. I did not have a crack that expanded. Catch it as early as possible. Take the extra time to clean up spare resin after it dries.


Le 5 porque es mejor que remplazar todo el parabrisas , cuando quite todo eso tendré que a lo mejor dar una segunda pasada ,recomiendo que le hechas el liquido lentamente yo lo heche muy rápido y lo mejor no me quede al 100% como se espera del producto ,pero se llega a quitar un 80% de visibilidad, no se nota mucho como estaba inicialmente. Y espero que no siga corriendo la línea rot

Liover Cantillo

This is hands down the best chip repair kit I’ve ever used. It it very easy to use and quick results. Of course I know it’s not perfect but one should know repairing a chip it will never not be there, keep that in mind. Mine was very deep/rough and in just one application it’s very hard to see and even from the inside you have to look to find it now. It had hair line cracks and it fill it nicely

Jeremy H.

Great. Had go over the instructions twice before I got it to work. (I missed a spot, but the rest looks great.) I'm satisfied with the outcome. Unless you're specifically looking for it, you won't notice the damage that was there before.


I remember during my childhood a crack on my parents' minivan windshield that grew longer and longer until it covered the whole window. When a pebble slammed into my windshield and made a crack, I immediately jumped into action! Out of many many products researched, I decided on this one because it seemed to have the best balance of price and efficacy. It is at least 1/5 the price of getting it down at an autoshop, requires no special tools, and worked perfectly.


I’m genuinely shocked at how well this worked. If you didn’t know there’d been a crack in the windscreen, you wouldn’t notice the repair at all.Was driving on the motorway and got a star shaped stone chip in the screen. Incredibly annoying. The impact point just looks like a tiny dirt mark and it’s as if the cracks have vanished. Amazing.


Had a star shaped crack on my front windshield and followed the instructions. This thing worked like a charm and saved me about $60 compared to calling a repair service to basically to the same thing. There is still a slight chip in the location filled but you really have to be looking for it. Overall, it works great for certain types of cracks.


excellent product, I had to repeat the process 3 times but finally the crack disappeared, highly recommended, I did it by myself and it was very easy

Ida Penelope Martinez Blanco

Nano Repair, Simple & Practical 


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  • + Will NanoClearX affect the functionality of any sensors or cameras on the glass?